Financial Rundown: Easter Egg Box

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Financial Rundown: Easter Egg Box

Postby Quigleaf » Fri Mar 22, 2013 3:31 am

As promised, the data:

Easter Egg Box - 3kG
100 cards (each card is worth 30G, as opposed to Lotto 10G)

- 1st run -
5*: Alphonse, Brave Hero/Dilate, Orphan of the Archive. (3)
4*: Emana, Diondora. (2)
3*: 6 cards.
2*: 25 cards.
1*: 54 cards.
Eggs: Eleven, including one Evil Argyle.
Total Recycle value: 1900G (nice, huh?)

- 2nd run -
5*: Durendal, Eskatia (2)
4*: Distrier, Scarlet Lily, Lei Fang? (3)
3*: 5 cards.
2*: 26 cards.
1*: 54 cards.
Eggs: 11, including one Evil Argyle.
Total Recycle value: 1730G (that missing 5* hurt us the most)

Similar recycling percentage to regular lottos (slightly below) but with a slightly better chance of acquiring valuable cards.
It's easy to keep a few cards and still get close to half the Gran value of the Box.

Other pulls I've done of this Box show very similar results: you keep some cards, recycle everything else, and the leftover Gran will be enough to do 12-15 EX pulls.

Completely worth it if you're aiming for the Egg sets or want a better shot at that Noze, Bringer or Verlaat.

EDIT: I cracked a couple of Easter Packs (not boxes) and got one 5* card in each one. It doesn't mention anywhere on the descriptions you can actually get 5* from those packs, so now that you know, take advantage of it.
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Re: Financial Rundown: Easter Egg Box

Postby hexagram » Fri Mar 22, 2013 5:47 pm

1 easter pack

1 egg

recycle rate 43% which is low

edit:fargone recycle rate gives an idea of how good an event or pull is. The higher the better.
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Re: Financial Rundown: Easter Egg Box

Postby gadu » Sat Mar 23, 2013 10:17 pm

Hex are you omitting the cards you keep in your recycle calc?

Quig, any plans on a rundown for 1000G Ex box? Can anyone share their results from the 1000G Ex sale?
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