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Free gran bug

Postby gabotheplaya » Wed Jul 03, 2013 9:06 am

I will not post details here.

Since a guildie thinks i'm abusing the bug out of malice, i just want to make a public announcement to its existence and the fact that i've reported this bug in the following ways:

e-mailed Logress via
forum mailed Rom
and made a formal report here in the "Report a Bug" button on the login screen here:

All this done June 18 2013, Philippine time.

I even talked with Goblin (Mystery Man) in chat about this issue when he logged in during an update (forgot if it was the site or set 13) and the last thing said was something like...
Goblin: File a formal report.
gabotheplaya: i already filed a damn report before, still no reply.
Goblin: Thanks! I'll bug people in the office about this.

I assure all GMs/Mods/people running the show that this bug is still alive and well. I know, i tested... and tested... and tested.

I'm not discrete about its existence, i actually try to create a buzz about it to get attention... but i never revealed how its done to at least contain it.

Please act on this.

Thank you!
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