What's Up With The Learning Channel?

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What's Up With The Learning Channel?

Postby Grain » Sun Dec 13, 2009 4:31 am

The following is a list of actual programs which have aired on The Learning Channel from 2003 to present:

* 99 Most Bizarre Medical Mistakes
* 99 Most Bizarre Self-Inflicted Injuries
* 101 More Things Removed from the Human Body
* 160-Lb. Tumor
* 627-Pound Woman: Jackie's Story
* 750-Pound Man
* Addicted To Food
* Astronaut Scorned: Lisa Nowak
* Baby Who Changed Colors, the
* Born A Boy, Brought Up A Girl
* Born With Two Heads
* Born Without a Face
* Boy Whose Skin Fell Off
* Boy With A New Head
* Can't Stop Growing
* Dead Tenants
* Dwarf Family
* Face For Yulce, a
* Forbidden Love: Polygamy
* Girl Who Never Grew, the
* Girl Who Turned To Stone
* Half Man, Half Tree
* Half-Ton Dad
* Half-Ton Man, the
* Half-Ton Mom
* Half-Ton Teen
* I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant
* I Eat 33,000 Calories a Day
* I Woke Up In The Morgue
* I'd Kill For a Baby
* Inside Brookhaven Obesity Clinic
* It's Not Easy Being Wolf-boy
* John and Kate Plus Eight
* Joined For Life
* Kids By the Dozen
* Living With Half A Body
* Lottery Changed My Life 2, the
* Man Whose Arms Exploded
* Mermaid Girl
* My Big Foot
* My Husband's Three Wives
* My Skin Could Kill Me
* Our 27 Kids
* Paralyzed and Pregnant
* Pregnant For 46 Years
* Real Wolf Kids
* Sex-Change Capital of the World
* Shrinking The World's Heaviest Man
* Sickest Patient In The Hospital, the
* Smallest People In the World
* Sports Disasters
* Superhuman Strength
* Supersize She
* That's Gotta Hurt
* Treeman: Search For A Cure
* Twins, Twins, And Sextuplets
* Very Best of the World's Worst Drivers, the
* When Surgical Tools Get Left Behind 2
* Wild Child: The Story of Feral Children
* Woman With Giant Legs
* Woman With Half a Body, the
* Woman With The Giant Lump, the
* World's Fattest Kids
* World's Heaviest Man Gets Married
* World's Strongest Boy, the
* World's Tallest Woman

If you didn't know better, you would never think in that this network is called the learning channel.
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