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Elements the game for beginners

Postby etphonehome3 » Mon May 16, 2011 11:36 pm

I deleted my previous thread on elements the game by accident (FAIL) so i am making another one.
Elements the game is an online game like alteil in that it is a trading card game. Apparently the game is similar to Magic the Gathering but i have never played that. I play it aswell as alteil and sometimes urban rivals which is another tcg. However it is different in that there are 12 colours (elements) to alteil's 4 .Out of the 3 tcgs you can buy and sell individual cards most easily on elements the game which you do at the bazar (shop). You buy and sell cards from the computer and not from other players like in Urban Rivals. This game is truly a completely free game as it is relatively easy to get all cards or all the ones in the shop anyway. It is also different as you mostly grind different lvl npcs to get coins when you win. When you defeat an opponent you have a chance of getting copies of cards in their deck which is another way of getting cards. You can play against other people aswell but most people play against the npcs. Another way it is different is that you can upgrade cards once you have completed all the quests and have enough coins. You start with 100 life points and a deck. You lose if you get 0 life points or cannot draw a card. I generally recommend having the minimum amount of cards in your deck - 30. Towers generate mana to play other cards. Creatures attack directly from the opponents life points . Weapons also attack and shields defend. Creatures, weapons and shields also tend to have various abilities There are many lvls of npcs lvl0 (trainer),1(random),2(normal),3(elder),top 50,5(half-blood), and the legendary lvl 6 (False Gods). You can visit the oracle once a day where you click a button to get some coins, a creature which starts on the field for your next 3 battles, info on your next false God and possibly a card to keep which includes some rare cards like nymphs you can’t get in the shop.
Here is a link to the game
Here is a link to peralisc2's thread on elements but it is quite old- started in 2009 ... 7&start=20
Here is a good link from their forum for people new to the game as it has a video of how to play each of the 12 colours (elements) and recommendations on what cards to buy and sell to change the starter files. ... 750.0.html
I chose time as my starter as it was the first video on the above link and it has a card called reverse time which is like return for falkow in alteil which allows some control by delaying the opponent. There is another useful card Golden hourglass (updated electrum hourglass) which lets you draw extra cards. The following deck is the time deck I play grinding lvl 3s winning about 85% of games. Its creatures are mostly dragons which do large damage. It is a straight foward damage dealing deck which is quite quick to play with most matches lasting 1-3minutes against lvl3s. There is no shield as i find it just makes the matches last longer. Obviously the mark is time as I only have time cards. Half of my towers are time pendulums despite only using time cards to help limit the damage of the earth card earthquake at the beginning of the game. It destroys up to 3 time pillars in the target cluster. I added the rare weapon eternity which was the weapon i chose after doing all the quests. It is recommended to choose this weapon as it is useful against false gods as its ability helps prevent decking out.
Time deck
An image of my time deck
timedeck.gif (181.07 KiB) Viewed 3018 times

10 Time factories (i recommend 8)
5 time pendulums (i recommend7)
2 Golden Hourglasses
4 Dragons
6 Reverse Times
2 Ghost of the past
1 Eternity (if you don’t have one add another time pendulum)
I updated a couple of cards in my deck. I recommend you start with the golden hour glasses first and then the time factories/pendulums. You can also replace the 2 ghost of the past with 2 more dragons if you prefer them.
I also play a rainbow deck using a deck i found on the elements the game forum. Rainbow decks generally use cards from all elements using a pillar called the quantum pillar which generates 3 random mana from all 12 elements. It is slower than my above time rush deck and needs certain cards upgraded to be any good but apparently it has good results against the false gods. I also find it more fun to play then my time deck as there are multiple strategies.
Here is a link to it ... 615.0.html[/url
The forum like alteils forum is very useful so if you play this game I recommend you check out the forum. There are many other examples of decks too. That is where I got the idea for my time deck but I cannot find the link for that one.
I also tried out a fire deck I found on this link ... 192.0.html
It’s quite quick but a bit risky and doesn’t have too much creature control so I prefer my time deck for grinding lvl3s. When I grind lvl3s with the rainbow deck I can often finish on full life getting a greater coin reward but matches are much longer so despite the greater reward it is not as efficient in getting coins. Although i like elements the game i still prefer alteil.
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Re: Card Game: Elements

Postby Romdeau » Tue May 17, 2011 1:59 am

You didn't delete it, I merged it with this thread...which was 4th from the top O_o.

People do still read around these parts, no?
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Re: Card Game: Elements

Postby kronoCore » Tue May 17, 2011 1:43 pm

yeah, this last post was very helpful to understand that game. Still deciding if I like it to play in a long term
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Re: Card Game: Elements

Postby ethanasg48 » Fri Nov 25, 2011 7:49 am

I love to play card game. But how i play can any one tell me, How you play card game? :roll:
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Re: Card Game: Elements

Postby winfrith279 » Fri Nov 25, 2011 12:13 pm

ethanasg48 wrote:I love to play card game. But how i play can any one tell me, How you play card game? :roll:

Elements is easy, while Alteil has a steep learning curve... Oh wait, is he a bot? His account looks like one, but his posts seem...appropriate. Especially when he uses emoticons.
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