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Postby Savin877 » Wed Nov 02, 2011 4:18 pm

For those of you with PSPs did you give this a go yet? I bought it back when it came out in JP. Pretty fun. Takes place in the F/SN universe and while some of the servants look the exact same, they are all different people.

Saber is the biggest difference. She is very haughty, proud, a bit stuck-up, but very powerful and true to her word. She is also decked out in a blood-red dress and wields a very evil looking sword
Archer is the only one who stays the same. Its funny because he is always making reference to the other Holy Grail Wars and F/SN characters. Funny to have him as a servant.
Caster is a Fox-tailed Demon who is very playful, sexy, and easy-going. Likes to tease her master with silly provocative words and catchphrases.

Lancer, Berserker, Rider, and Assassin are all in the game as well. As before, while some may look similar as their F/SN counterparts, their legendary souls are different.

Either way, the story is pretty linear and the battle system can get a little repetitive once you learn and master it, but I found it a worthwhile $25.
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Re: Fate/Extra

Postby Shirozaki » Wed Nov 02, 2011 9:15 pm

My boyfriend bought it at a retailer for my birthday last year, but has yet to give me back my PSP..and the game for that matter, so I can only speak out of second-hand experience from watching.
The story is rather meh-ish, in my opinion, it's good if you are a die-hard fan of type-moon (shout-outs, in universe jokes, alternate continuity which you only get if you have played ALL other games/novels, even some that have yet to appear. Aksys has very subtly hinted that their staff has literally been paid for watching the fate/tsukihime anime/manga, or as they put it "research"), but you'll have to tilt your head every now and then if you're new to the franchise (the fact that it saw a localization is a nigh-miracle in my opinion).

Gameplay wise, it's rather simplistic and yet fun, it's rather story-heavy so the gameplay doesn't drag as long. It's also really easy to pick up, then again the only battle I've really played was against the bonus boss Shiki from KnK.
All in all, very reminiscent of the Megaten series.

I really, really liked the music, gave off a nice fresh and yet nostalgic feel (which reminded me that I haven't read the fate v-novel since 5 years ago), which was to be expected from such a grand composer (known for his Tekken fame and collaborative work with Kajiura Yuki in Xenosaga)

As for the characters, I really disliked Extra!Saber, I find it hard to believe that there is yet another country that has difficulty telling that their king is a woman, WITH THAT KIND OF OUTFIT (granted though, she did not hide it). Oh, wow Fate-Archer was there as well? Even with his main theme? ...Yeah, so what else?
It was a bit short in my opinion (think about it, 128 servants are said to participate, you meet like what? 8 or 9?).

On a know-it-all note; it's not the F/S N universe, but an alternate universe. F/S N Rin can't handle a phone, much less Seraph.
I'd definitely recommend it for its gameplay and maybestorymaybenot, and I'll definitely buy the sequel next year...once I get my PSP back.
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