Verlaat Set 11 Background.

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Verlaat Set 11 Background.

Postby Callonia » Mon Jul 02, 2012 4:48 am

My opinion, is where the real focus of the artwork is. Its freakin' awesome and everything.

With a regular heroic pose for verlaat done and out of the way, the real fun with the artwork is the background.

I like how the castle is set up to show a sign of strength.

And now for the troops in the background. The troops displayed there seems to be spearman type.

Personally I'm tempted to say they're Folrart Spear Knights but, I seriously doubt it because when you reference the actual Folrart Spear Knight, you will see that their armor is varied, so it's probably personal armor for each knight commissioned for parade. Its called ceremonial armor or something and the actual armor for battles. So its either folrart spear knights in actual battle armor or its some entirely other troop type.

And for the banners, they're probably the parade banners because of their size xD

Link here for easy reference. ... php?id=198 ... hp?id=1619
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