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Postby AngelicDeath » Wed Sep 14, 2011 9:35 pm

yeah i know what you're saying about the technology increase- I'll take Guns, germs, and steel any day.

Interestingly enough, a study done for Military history Quarterly, demonstrated that a division of longbowmen-replacing equal number of conscripted musketmen (trained to the standards of Henry V time period-Agincourt) would have fared superior to he musketry of that day. The higher rate of fire, accuracy, and distance would have proved even more lethal than the weapons employed to win Waterloo. The difference lied in conscription-whereas it takes up to 6 years to train a longbowman any man can learn to prime and fire a musket within a small amount of time.

Anyway, muskets- don't always defeat bows given proper training and terrain. Assault rifles are another story altogether (see later Alteil cards...)

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