Question about Elgandi True Nature to JP player

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Re: Question about Elgandi True Nature to JP player

Postby InfernityFan » Sat Jul 16, 2011 10:50 pm

Teru wrote:Well I really don't know too much about it because I don't have Elgandi. His flavor text might explain something or clear a few things up.

Seems like the whole messenger of a false god thing might be the secret of the true god church that a lot of cards' flavor texts are talking about.

Wow, now Elgandi might be connected with TGC too?! Maybe in the end, Verlaat became the Silver Emperor is part of Elgandi's grand plan :P

azurewrath wrote:O.o at first card. If played after the 4th SS, he can effectively lock a game. Just need a superior field to the rival and you win. Now it is just a matter of having lvl 4 Refess, Lawtia, and Bringer out at the same time.....

Hmm, I can't say he can effectively lock a game. Note that his second Start Skill allowed four random cards of Each Iczer's Card File to escape his lock. His close skill also allowed another five random cards from only Rival Iczer's Card File to escape the lock. I'd say he's a gimmick at best :(

CainHyde wrote:Woot?!
First appearance in set 10?
Oh my god!!!
After set 10 released, Refess and Lawtia multi sphere might be the strongest/most annoying sphere.

Btw by description, I mean the story text/flavor text about the card.
Or you don't have it?

No unfortunately D;
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Re: Question about Elgandi True Nature to JP player

Postby BlueFenrir » Mon Aug 29, 2011 12:07 pm

Is it possible that Elgandi is in fact a "player" in the same way we are? What I mean is, could it be that he thinks that lavato is actually a game, and he's winning? I know a couple of plot lines with the same idea, where the villain doesn't think that what's around him is real and therefore he isn't actually causing harm.
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Re: Question about Elgandi True Nature to JP player

Postby Perillisk » Mon Aug 29, 2011 2:17 pm

I believe i've seen an Elgandi grim level 4 refess and lawtia, which returns everything that is on the field! :D
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