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Misadventures of Lavato

Postby Aoi » Mon Jul 08, 2013 11:40 pm

Did you know that there is very little difference between most alternate universes? Even when those worlds that would seem odd. You see there are an infinite number of choices, which in turn lead to an infinite amount of possible outcomes, which each outcome leads to its own version of our universe. Everything that could possibly happen has happened, and it has happened over an infinite number of times across an infinite number of universes, which lead to an infinite number of things happening or not happening in combination. Worlds of were nothing happens or where things have stopped happening exist, however this leads to multiple different worlds where alternate definitions of the word nothing exist, which change it completely. As such all possibilities are boundless, this in turn leads to the conclusion that as there are infinite different possibilities and that there is an infinite amount of knowledge to be gained from these universes.

Ah! Excuse my spiel; I believe I haven’t introduced myself yet. I am Extension a keeper of knowledge, and a being disconnected from the limitations of the mundane creatures, or as you can call it a Mazoku. I am the caretaker of Achieve of Wisdom, stored here in this Grand Library. Like how Mikasha founder of Wizard Kingdom expanded her Magical Achieve by stealing spells, the Achieve of Wisdom expands by recording this universe’s and other alternate universe’s histories.

It is here where you can find the long forgotten tales of past heroes, untold tales of forgotten ones, or even alternate variations of this world’s current events. Since you have managed to gain access to this Grand Library, you may feel free to look into the contents of this library. But beware scholar dig too deep and you may never be able to leave.

-Prologue End.

Note: Well this is basically the start of a bunch of (probably) short stories, focusing around what ifs and alternate possibilities for Alteil Lore. Now this will not be updated regularly, or may no be updated at all. Its just here so I have a little thread to post little bits of fanfiction for Alteil. Others are welcome to put in their own tales here as well, and bonus points for those who make a couple of stories based around Sumer and Fellana basically traveling through the gates of causality into these worlds. Heck somebody could do something about Elgandi, he wasn't killed just transported to another world.
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