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Postby Ropey » Thu Dec 19, 2013 1:59 pm

Sakura and Kurina relieved that the encounter was over made their way over to where the general and bringer stood waiting.
Snow had started to fall and Sakura was reminded that there weren't many more days left of Christmas shopping.
Not that it mattered much as he did most of his shopping online. He would miss his family and the festive meal, but that was just one of the down sides to his work.
He brushed these trivial thoughts aside as they approached Vorst.
"Hi sweetie, this is Sakura and I presume you know this lummox?"
A small puff of steam rose from the big man's helmet vents, but he said nothing. He simply turned to gaze at the sea.
"Aye, that I do. Tells me you seek passage to the west?"
"Indeed I do sir. The only question is your price?"
"A perilous voyage it be and make no mistake lad! I would be madder than a Carbuncle with a firecracker up it's arse if I took no less than 1000 gran!"
"A pittance to one such as I who is paid so highly for his skills"
"Right you are, that's 2000 gran then smarty pants!"
"Why you! I ought a..." Sakura quickly composed himself while Bringer sniggered.
"Why don't we get the cat girl here to give him a quickie? Should save us at least 10gs!"
Kurina shot Bringer a dagger like stare, but his helmet was vibrating signifying that he was attempting to stifle a laugh beneath it.
"That's enough both of you!"
Sakura handed over the gran the general accepting it gratefully.
"O.k." said Sakura "We stock up on whatever meager supplies we can find in this cesspit and meet back here in an hour"
"Right you are boss"
And with that Bringer made his way towards the ramshackled market place.
Kurina took Sakura's hand and led him over to a narrow alleyway.

"I take it you will need to restock your magic supplies and I know just the place"
She led him down the passage way to a small blue shop. They entered and Sakura took in the interior. Dust was everywhere and most of the shop was taken up by large volumes of books. They were stacked on every available shelf and the smell of musty paper assailed his nostrils. A small counter occupied the centre of the shop and stacked beside it he could see a multitude of spell scrolls, but try as he might he could not see the shop keep?
Then he heard a faint fluttering noise above him. There inches from the high ceiling was a small aging man like creature. Sakura was aghast! The being was defying gravity by rapidly flapping it's wing like ears! The avian similarities didn't just stop there. The creature was also in possession of talon like hands in which it clasped a rather ancient looking book. Dressed in faded red robes and wearing a scholars cap the tiny sage expertly maneuvered to be in Sakura's line of sight.
Of course Sakura had seen such entities as these many times before on the field of battle, but they were quickly snuffed out early on in the fight and this was the first time he had seen one up close.
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Re: Erotic Tales / Must be over 18 to view!

Postby Ropey » Fri Dec 20, 2013 1:26 pm

"Okie dokie Sir how can I do you today?"
"Got anything new?"
"Well, sorry to say Sir it's been the Christmas rush and while I still have all the old faves the newer stuff is a bit thin on the ground, but I do have this that may interest you.
It's called the compass of deception."
"Sounds cool I will have one of those, plus a heap of fire orientated stuff and boulder drop must have boulder drop."
"As you wish Sir. Might I also interest you in a few Soul Skills?"
"Depends on what you have?"
"Well, we of course have the ever popular send your opponent straight to the cemetery"
The poor sage had hardly finished the sentence before Sakura's hand shot straight for his throat and expertly found it's mark!
Sakura held the avian hybrid in mid air. The sage's ears flapping wildly in an attempt to break free.
He pulled the diminutive man close to his face. "Listen chum! I do not use those kinda tactics are we clear?"
"Please let him go Sak!"
It was hard to refuse Kurina anything and Sakura released his grip.
The owl man still flapping his wing like ears shot straight into the ceiling on his unexpected release! Then landed with a bump onto the counter. Kurina picked up the small dazed codger and cradled him in her arms. "How could you!" She then reached behind the counter and applied a small spell onto the hapless sage. Reinvigorated he was soon back in the air above them.
"Sorry about that Sir. Don't know what came over me. I only really stock them for the noobs.
"Well. I'm sorry too. hope you are ok" This was said more for Kurina's benefit than any real concern for the disposable wretch in the air before him, and he wondered how many great and majestic beasts him and his kind had dispatched prematurely from theaters of war all over the kingdom.
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Re: Erotic Tales / Must be over 18 to view!

Postby Ropey » Sun Dec 22, 2013 2:36 am

After the kerfuffle at the shop it was time to make their way back to the harbor. They held hands, made plenty of eye contact.
Come on Sak he thought to himself are you really falling for her? You think you are the one to change a virtual stripper and god knows what else? No, but it would be something to take his mind off things. All those people he had killed. Good or bad he never cared. Just the money and the desire, no the need to finish it, and what then?
Would he too be a shell like Bringer? A burnt out has been just waiting for the past to catch up. A blaze of swords, finally facing the more skilled opponent. Was that his end?
****! even Bringer had been thinking of a way out.

They had reached the harbor and he put aside his thoughts. The general stood waiting and Sak was forced to remark on the ornate flintlock pistol that was holstered at the general's waist. "A fine weapon you have there general"
"This? This was my father's and his father's before that. It is blessed with a magical energy. I know not or it's origins or of how it found it's way into my family, but I will tell you this. It has slain many a great beast, and with luck and the blessing of the gods it will continue to do so by my hand.
"We off then?" Bringer had returned from the market, but upon his helm was the most amazing thing. Perched atop the mans headgear was a red and white Santa's hat!
"What the @#%& is that!" Exclaimed the bemused bounty hunter.
"Well, you know? Have to get in the spirit of things. Don't want people to think i'm all just @#%& and vinegar"
He just never cease to amaze.
Then suddenly a woman's scream brought everyone back to earth. "Look out! Mech bats!" I trader cried.
They were all around. Buzzing the town folk. Not much worst than wasps, but boy were they annoying.
Bringer was swatting them for fun until one managed too nab his cherished festive hat! The sight of him chasing the thing about the market was just too much. Even the general had to crack a smile. The bat was baiting Bringer, but always keeping just out of reach. Then in the fading light of the harbor a familiar sight began to appear in the sky. Salamanders, they began belching small fire balls at the bats and soon the evening air was clear of the mechanical menaces.
Bringer had returned to the group after he had retrieved his now smoldering hat."Damn things! Don't normally see em till the new year?"
"So general where exactly is this boat of yours?"
"Boat! There be no boat lad."
The general then turned to face the sea. He raised his arms and began a chant in a language none of them had heard before. They looked at the water before Vosrot something was moving beneath! Three dome like shapes began breaking the surface and before long they could make out the forms of three gigantic crabs. Even Bringer was dumb stuck.
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Re: Erotic Tales / Must be over 18 to view!

Postby Ropey » Mon Dec 30, 2013 4:31 pm

The mighty crustaceans broke the surface their massive carapace a glowing blue hue in the moonlight. The general leapt deftly onto one of the crab mounts.
"All aboard!" He cried.
Bringer was next, choosing the largest and what he believed to be the fastest one of the remaining two.
Sakura held Kurina's hand and led her onto the last great beast.
They traveled at speed into the night. Bringer way ahead. He had taken up a surfers stance and his mount seem to enjoy the way it's current rider rode the waves.
Sakura could hear the whooping and various exclamations as Bringer urged his mount to greater speed and more excessive tricks and maneuvers.
The general kept at a steady pace, occasionally scanning the horizon with a battered telescope, but as yet had not alerted the party to anything out of the ordinary.
When the unusual happened no one needed magnification to see it!
An island ahead was aglow! but the trio knew it to still be the middle of night! What arcane magics were causing this anomaly the travelers knew not.
Vorst gave a signal to halt, but Bringer just circled the rest too unwilling to cease this new found rush.
The general sighed and focused his lens on the island.
Sakura had heard tell of such beings employed by large package holiday firms to keep resorts in a state of permanent dawn.
"Your scope please general"
Sakura focused on the bedazzling shore and found it an effort to see anything the light emanating so strong.
Casually Bringer tossed him a pair of cheap looking shades.
With the aid of the glasses Sakura could now see the scene that was unfolding on the beach.

Two deck chairs had seated upon them two forms one of which Sakura knew. It was none other than Solar prince Verlaat! That boy was due for a fall. He sat relaxed sipping a cocktail with what looked like an angel! She was armored, cute and given half a chance he probably would. Beside them sat a large overweight man building a sand castle.
Accept this was no ordinary man. His torn shirt was doing a poor job of covering the animal type pelt that was spreading over his body! and sharp claws and fangs had begun to replace their human counterparts. Behind them crouched a ragged peasant a figure ill at ease with the power forced upon it, and in the air above another Lycan to call this an angel would be to make a mockery of the word.

"Ok listen up people" said Sakura "The place looks like it's infested with Lycans and best thing we can do is give it a wide berth"
"Aye!" Agreed Vorst "I have no power over such creatures, let them be and they will harm us not"
As Bringer circled he snatched the telescope from Sakura.
"No harm in a quick gander" Bringer put the lens to one of the eye slits in his helm "No freakin way dude!"
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