EX 13 Review

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EX 13 Review

Postby Khiruki » Wed Dec 25, 2013 1:48 am

Ho. A new EX set means a new review set.



Apprentice Healer/Nicole: A hobo healer. Ho. She's a classy lady. Doesn't dress like a ****, looks nice. A bit generic as far as skills go, but really has some potential OP abuse with Emperor Verlaat. Keeps your guys alive, debuffs the enemy, not bad stats. 8.5/10.


Daughter of Light/Nerissa: Run her with Meltiria and get a Recettear file! Shop keeper and fairy buddy! Well, she's cute. And has nice skills. Buffs and SP gens, or can go beast mode to become fast as balls with decent attack. 8.5/10.



Cruel Seeker/Baz Deeka: An odd guy. He can be control or support. Instant kills high AT units, like Retear, Joachim, and buffed units. Can also support friendlies for +20 AT, or if you want, buff an enemy to set them up for a kill. His second action skill is like a free Oversoul of sorts for augments; not to be used late game, rather use it early on to pinpoint retrieve what you want. 8/10


Daughter of War/Fraumathu: High stat beat stick, almost like an anti-Judie. Gens SP on open at the cost of setting one friendly to HP =0 , but you can combo her with Augment Doll, Shambling Corpse, what have you for some SP. Above average stats and a nice open. 7.5-8/10



Savage Archer/Cristy: Ho boy. High HP ranged unit, decent attack power, but on the slow side. While Revolver Bladesman is your fast and beefy sniper, Cristy is your back line artillery. Triple attack for 2 SP, and an engage action that can really mess with refreshing units like Catira or undeads. Not bad looking either. toi8 art is OP. 8.5/10


Devil Summoner/Niro: A beefy ranged free reviver that hits like a truck. Holy hell. Hyper-SP efficient. Holy hell. Combined with Cristy and Field Commander, Mercenary Nation may just be rising in the tiers list. 9/10



Apprentice Falconer/Leyte: A lvl 2 unit that can hit like a truck. Her action skill can whiff though, so there may be some RNG trolling there. A solid unit that's good for light-heavy AoE damage, which Wizard Kingdome generally lacks. 8/10


Hand of Protection/Lynn: A lot like Rozari, except with a start skill and an auto skill that engages beast mode if a low level unit dies. What's big is her pinpoint attack action; you can target a low HP guy while returning a full HP lvl 3. Her high level may make her slightly hard to get out though, but she seems quite strong. A really polarized card though; I can't imagine it being fun fighting against her with a lvl 3 rush... 7.5/10
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Re: EX 13 Review

Postby Ethikx » Thu Dec 26, 2013 4:53 pm

This is definitely one of the better, well-rounded ex sets to be released, a lot of potential for multiple files.

Looking forward to using the Soul Skills of Nicole and Niro. Cristy SS will also be fun during EN/Pixy seasons.

Probably most excited about Leyte and Nerissa
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