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Gowen openskills

Postby Cambadillac » Sat Jan 26, 2013 2:22 am


Hi all. This is my gowen open-skill file. Inspired by Pera's openskill file from a month ago.
This file has a 75% win rate so far. Lost 5 times out of 20 i think. I'm not sure because I've changed it up so many times.

The SS line up is reliable and hits no matter what. I chose kaldrao instead of resource because it can combo with damage opens well and also combos with burning sun.

Opening goes: Scout-> merc girl-> and if i haven't been shaded twice in a row, rapid growth.
By this point I should have enough for cyclops. So why cyclops? Well, this early in the match he will almost 100% of the time survive and get a kill in. My main focus on this file is to use cards that will almost never fail to get at least 1 kill. Most of the units in this file will always do something before they are killed, which is a very valuable concept to remember. You will almost never waste a unit, you get a 1 for 1 trade with your opponent (sometimes 2 for 1 or even 3 for 1). Also cyclops can survive very well with cover fire(open-skills) from my other units.

You notice i have max 2 copies of units. The reason is i want diversity. With open skills killing things left and right, it is easier to hold a field then you think and I don't like reviving and wasting SP. I rarely go below 12 cards. Most of the time i have like 15 cards left in my file when i win. Having options is really nice.

Unit breakdown:
Giant fly: This guy is amazing vs falkow and Lawtia units. I chose to go with prayer for safety instead of the faerie because the LP is very precious to me. I only use him when fast guys are around (duh). Great start skill that your opponent will HAVE to sac an LP for in order to stop (or waste SP on a grim). Fly is usually a 2 for 1 and even a 3 for 1 (from his start skill)

Firestorm: The wyvern is what i usually play after the cyclops since there are so few units on the field. Either this guy or sakura to kill a support character. This guy trades 1 for 1 sometimes 2 for 1. If he can get a kill while on the field, then he is worth is weight in gran. When this guy lives long enough to get a kill while on the field, i usually have the game in the bag. Seriously good stuff.

Sakura: This guy is baller. I am never afraid to throw this guy out early and take a couple hits. If he dies, who cares, he did his job and the sooner he dies, the sooner i can use him. Almost always 1 for 1.

Explosive wyvern: This guy is great for finishing off units and softening units for dragon fly. His openskill usually kills at least 2 units. Combos great with kaldrao SS. Never play if he will be the only unit on the field. Always have a big guy to tank for him to increase his value. 2 for 1 sometimes 3 for 1. great deal. Superior to that lvl 4 mage dude that hits 2 guys for 20 damage. They pretty much cost the same (lvl 4 + 1sp = lvl 5)

Efreet: This guy is great AFTER allind opens. He will open for 45 damage. What can i say. His action is also usually a 1 hit KO(not TGC). He is fast enough that he can stay on the field for a while. 1 for 1 and often times 2 for 1.

Allind: This guy is a great value. He will get at least 3 kills with the open, and field long enough to get another (although they usually sac a SS to get rid of him). Thats why i pack the petrification.

Athira shin: This guy is not a gauranteed kill like my other cards, but when he get rolling, he is gowen's best end game unit i think.

Petrification: Great utility card. i can dodge sins or freeze an opponent. options are good.

Fireball breath: I love me some fireball breath. Nobody really uses it and i always have plenty of sp at the end. Once again i have options with it. 1 big guy or 2 smaller guys. Its also great at dodging fire arrow backlash. 1 for 1 or 2 for 1

Fire arrow: self explanatory. 1 for 1

Ball of flame: I use this at the end if i am worried about LP and don't wanna use the explosion wyvern. at least 2 for 1

Burning sun: my units can avoid it because of their lvl and field wiping is nice. at least 2 for 1. I know it is a different sphere, but with so much extra sp floating near the end, you might as well make the most of it.

Any questions or suggestion are greatly appreciated. This is a very fun file that mainly lost to mid refess and once to icy's lawtia file because of a misplay in the sp calculation (DOH!)

This file is 100% vs urgrant because urgrant has so few units on the field most of the time and my units cannot easily be returned. Openskill support makes quick work of him (ya i was kinda suprised).
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Re: Gowen openskills

Postby CainHyde » Sat Jan 26, 2013 3:03 am

Anything that thrash Urgent deserves +1, even if it's Gowen. (My least favorite sphere)
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Re: Gowen openskills

Postby skillll7 » Sat Jan 26, 2013 2:02 pm

Cambadillac wrote:This file is 100% vs urgrant because urgrant has so few units on the field most of the time and my units cannot easily be returned. Openskill support makes quick work of him (ya i was kinda suprised).

Main reason that BKR had a good match up against Jewgrant. Zugateroza endgame still annoying though.
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