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I Wrote a Guide! -Refess Warriors

Postby Khiruki » Tue May 01, 2012 11:22 pm

It's a guide! Why Refess warriors? Because it's a file that I like. It's not a difficult file to pick up and play, and can be quite flexible depending how you build it. It's a Gowen file played in the Refess sphere~ Why a guide now? Why not?

The file is honestly not that complicated, but I figured that I'd start with something easier that I know. Any comments or corrections/suggestions are very welcomed. Requested, in fact.

The traditional warrior sphere has always been Gowen, with the largest number of units (Surprisingly, Falkow is second with 16 and Refess and Lawtia are tied with 15). With Amazon and Steel as its only support and the underwhelming in the face of OP units, the warrior sub-type generally sees a bunch of buddies on the underdog lists. However, with set 10, the inclusion of the Refess-Gowen warrior support character Sword of the East/Toromea, the Refess warriors tribe has stepped up as a high tier contender in Folrart. With access to free multi-hitting skills and high single-target damage at 5 AGI, the Refess warriors file is one that wins through overwhelming brute force on the battle field.

-Initial update 6/15/2012 for Set 11.
-Updated 3/16/2013 for Chromatic Forces EX
-Updated 7/20/2013 for Set 13 and EX 12

Sword of the East / Toromea


LVL: 2
HP: 40
ATT: 30
DEF: 0
AGI: 4
RNG: 1
LP: 1

Far East/Warrior
Rarity: ***


Rank up
Sphere of Influence [Refess] Lvl.4: [HP+10] [AT+20]

Soul Skill
Phoenix Arc (0 SP): Revive one closed friendly unit. Return one random card from your Cemetery to your File.

Start Skill
Strict Captain (0 SP): One friendly [Subtype: Warrior] except this unit gets AT+10 for this turn, and if it's a Refess unit, AGI+2 for this turn. Then you get SP+2 and this unit is Focused for this turn.

Auto Skill
Perfect Concentration (0 SP): [Conditional use/Focused] You get SP-2.

Okay. First thing of note: Toromea has above average stats. After rank up, her stats are on the same level as some lvl 4-5 units. As a level 2 unit, she is cheap to play and can even be rushed out as early as turn 2. With AGI 4 and 50 ATT, she can easily hold the field, even against undeads. The only other unit with comparable destructive power that comes out turn 2 is LeBeau.

Now onto her skills:
Soul Skill: She has a pretty good soul skill actually, but that's not really what we'd be using her for, is it?

Start Skill: Her start skill is interesting. The +10 attack is about as helpful as it sounds. It's a bit of extra power that is quite nice. The real draw to Toromea's skills are the other two parts of her start skill:
+2 AGI for Refess warriors: This bonus boosts up the generally slower Refess units up to very high speeds. 2 AGI units become 4 AGI, 3 AGI becomes 5 AGI, and 4 AGI shoots up to 6! This turns one of the slower tribes into lightning bruisers! Now then, let's examine part two of her start skill:

+2 SP: +2 SP? Great! SP is always nice! But wait, what's up with her auto skill?

Perfect Concentration: [Conditional use/Focused] You get SP-2.

Now, at first glance, this seems odd. Why generate 2 SP if she'll just take it back? This is where a nice little trick comes in. Say you have 0 SP at turn's start after playing a card. Now, Toromea uses her start skill to buff up something, say... an Elite Folrart Dual Wielder.

Elite Folrart Dual Wielder

LVL: 4
ATT: 40
DEF: 10
AGI: 3
RNG: 1
LP: 1

Action Skill
Charge (2 SP): Do [Damage: AT x 2] to a random enemy unit within range. Do [Damage: 50% of MAX HP] to this unit.

Counter Skill
Draw the Second Sword (0 SP): This unit gets DF+5 and the Trait: When this unit executes an Attack action, do [Damage: AT] to two random enemy units in range. Remains after Revive.

Okay. After receiving the buff, the Elite Dual Wielder is sitting at 50 ATT and 5 AGI. And you now have 2 SP. What can you do with 2 SP? Oh look! That charge skill looks mighty nice! So you use that 2 SP Toromea gave you, and the Elite Dual Wielder charges at some poor sap, dealing 100 damage (and also triggering his counter, giving himself +5 Def and a trait). Then comes Toromea's turn. Her auto skill activates, and you lose 2 SP. Which you don't have. No loss there!

So I bet you can see where this is going. Toromea gives you 2 SP and buffs up a Refess warrior to high enough AGI so that they take a turn before her. When her turn comes around, her auto skill drains no SP. This allows for free spamming of normally expensive action skills. Combined with the high speed of everything, Toromea files can crush opponent resistance before their units can move with sheer brute force. Almost nothing is fast enough to match the sheer speed and damage of a Toromea file.

Necessary Cards:

Sword of the East / Toromea
Kinda self explanatory.

Almost Completely Necessary/ Extremely Useful:

Folrart Flame Swordsman
A level one, 2* rarity unit introduced in Set 10, the flame swordsman raises your Refess and Gowen sphere levels by one once upon open. As you may have noticed, Toromea is a dual sphere Refess/Gowen character with a 4 Refess rank up. He is probably the most common open for this file: Raise Refess to lvl 3, Gowen to lvl 1, and drop the Folrart Flame Swordsman. This open increases Refess to 4 and Gowen to 2, allowing for Toromea to be dropped the next turn with rank up. This open is only weak against Folrart Flame Swordsman backlash and Stronghold of Chaos opens. As a unit, the Flame Swordsman is probably one of the better lvl 1 units. It is also notable that he is one of only a few units that can kill Witch Queen / Catherine on the first turn, and does not require psychic abilities to predict, like Salamander.

The general Gowen great spirit. As well as Salamanders serve as connection units for lvl 3's in Gowen rush files, Salamanders are just as good for getting out lvl 3 units in a Toromea file. Their open can be used to kill pesky SP generation units like Owl Sages and Kaseran Paseran. On the field, they sport a formidable 30 ATT and 2 RNG for a lvl 1 unit. If they survive, they can be used as mid-line nukers. If not, they are a good way to get soul skills to trigger. Depending on whether you run Catira-Justice or Elite Dual Wielder, it may be one of the only way to access souls, as Catira-Justice dying off for good is almost game over.

Free access to Salamanders is probably the greatest edge Refess warriors has over vanilla Refess files. While 10 damage may not look like a lot, it is free open skill damage that Refess sorely lacks to snipe down near death or low HP units.

Folrart Dual-Wielding Soldier
She is your bread and butter basic anti-rush unit. She is probably the non-sac unit after Toromea that will see field time the most (Maybe even more, as she can be dropped first v. WK until Elite Fencer is gone). Not Catira, not Justice, it will be your Folrart Dual-Wielding Soldier that will help you decapitate your way to victory. Her action skill ignores range, so from anywhere on the field, she can try to snipe down the squishies in the enemy back line.

Good Units for the file:

Blitz Soldier
With 60 HP at lvl 2, he is a nifty unit to use. He drops your Gowen level by 1 upon open, but that still leaves you with one level to use Salamanders. He is a nice lvl 2 tank, and has range to boot. He only has three main downsides:
1. Low level: As a level 2 unit, he is open to Sweeping Tidal. However, since he drops your Gowen by 1 upon open, he is difficult to re-play. For this reason, he will see close to no use against Falkow files.
2. Low AGI: Compared to the 4-5 AGI Refess warriors with Toromea's buff, Blitz Soldier is pretty slow.
3. Cannot Iczer: This is less of an issue than it seems, but this drawback can be a bit annoying at times.
Despite this, he is a solid unit that can be quite useful against some match ups, notably the lvl 2 rushes (EN and Pixies).

Elite Folrart Dual Wielder
This guy comes with two very nice things:
1. Action skill charge: When his slash skill was errata'd to charge, many sarcastic remarks were made. However, a unit with 5 AGI capable of bashing a unit with 100 damage is not a joke. Do not underestimate his charge.
2. Double Attack Trait: Yep. His normal attack hits up to two enemies in range. True, it only comes after taking damage once, but that's what charge is for, eh?

Downside? 40 MaxHP. Sergis and Lady Paladin souls can be annoying.

Unknown Warrior / Justice
Who is that mysterious character? What? Aano? Naw. COuldn't be. Justice is an interesting unit. Her stats are not anything particularly special. However, her skills are another deal. First, her auto skill: It gives any friendly unit +10 attack. If that unit is a warrior, Justice is focused for the turn. A thing to note about Justice's attack buff? It's permanent. Very nice! Now onto her action skill.
True Secret of Justice (1 SP)
[Conditional use/Focused] Do damage [Number of friendly units X20] to two random enemy units in range.

This is a very nice nuke. For one SP, she can hit two enemies in range. With only two friendly units, that's 40 damage. With 6 friendly units, that's 120 damage to two enemies! A very nice skill to use. Now her close skill is a bit odd. She heals herself for 10 HP upon close? At first glance, it just looks like she technically has 50 HP instead of 40. However, it also means that she is immune to any effect that sets her HP to 0! That means she's effectively immune to Sakura's open skill, Torte's Soul Skill, and Catira's close skill! Speaking of Catira...

Legendary Heroine / Catira
Catira is probably my favorite character. She brings a few very nice things to the table.
1. A nice tank. With 70 HP, she's pretty beefy. However, her close skill is when she gets really interesting. When her HP hits zero or below, you must chose another friendly unit to set HP to zero and she fully heals herself. However, this is where the Justice-Catira combination comes in. When Catira's HP drops to zero, she can then set Justice's HP to zero. Catira fully heals, and Justice heals herself for 10 HP. This effectively makes Catira immortal as long as Justice is on the field.
2. Almost always kills in one hit. Her start skill gives Catira ATT+HP of Target Enemy Unit. That means that her attack will always at least be capable of matching your opponent's unit with the highest HP. This lets Catira basically one-shot just about anything without high defense.
3. Unleash the Heroine's Sword! Catira's mega action skill. With a conditional of Catira having at least 100 ATT and a 2 SP cost, this skill almost gives people a case to call Catira OP. By resetting her attack to zero, Catira can instantly send a target enemy in range to the cemetery. As Toromea can generate the free 2SP for this skill, you can effectively remove from the game any enemy in range as long as your opponent is packing something with 90+ HP. That can create a massive SP and field advantage.

Folrart Swordswoman
Set 12 came with a couple fun toys for Toto and friends. Folrart Swordwoman is one of them. She comes with AT buffs at start, which helps give Folrart Dual-Wielding Soldier and even 40 AT, and +10 AT and +1 AGI to the unit behind her. She also comes with a nice action skill. For 1 SP, deal AT+20 damage to two enemy units, ignoring both range and defense! However, she is only capable of hitting units with defense with her action skill. Still, she is an excellent unit that both supports and fights in the front lines.

Holy Chain Soldier/Aisha
Another special EX card. Her main draw points are her decent stats and RNG 2. As most warriors are RNG 1, your front line will often be full. Aisha is capable of dealing some damage from the back. If placed in slot 5 behind Folrart Swordswoman, Aisha will have 50 AT and 4 AGI. Not bad at all. She has a couple of nice action skills:
1. For 1 SP and -10 HP to your units in slots [1] and [3], Aisha will hit enemies in slots [1-5-3]. With +20 AT from Toromea and Folrart Swordswoman, that's 60 damage to three enemies. This can force your opponent to play hopscotch or get slapped.
2. For 1 SP, Aisha can deal 30MaxHP damage to a target column. That's really nice. This skill lets her snipe down Lich, or kill off a line of squishies. The self heal is an added bonus.

EX: Light Magic Archer
A nice new unit from the Chromatic Forces expansion. 30 start skill damage to a target column every other turn. Not bad. Can really mess with Shrine Knights and other fragile rushes.

Other Units of Note:

Honored Spirit / Ashbars
Ashbars can kinda serve two purposes.
1. Endgame undead troll. Lawtia has Zugatezora. Refess has Ashbars.
2. Catira food. Ashbars can be used with Catira in the same way as Justice. The only problem is that he costs 2SP to revive. On the other hand, if Justice and Catira both die at the same time, they would both die. If Ashbars and Catira die at the same time, Ashbars can fully heal himself first if placed before Catira, allowing Catira to survive as well. However, this combo eats 4 SP.

Folrart Scout
Low attack, low HP, and raises lawtia levels as a close skill (that you probably won't use). Not particularly useful, but he can grimbane while retrieving your own grimbaned grimoires. Unfortunately, there isn't much use for the Lawtia levels.

Refugee Citizens
Some people like these guys, I personally don't like them too much. However, they can grim bane your opponent up to three times with a full set, can act as Catira food, and are free to revive. However, they can clog up your file. If you really have nothing else to put in, you may consider them. I personally dislike them because they troll my Cait Sith soul skill.

Ex Mercenary Girl
I don't like her. She may fit into a mid red file, or a BKR file, but she's basically a placebo unit. Most of your warriors have 1 RNG, so the front line will probably be clogged, so she may just end up sitting around as a lump. May direct away random damage from important units or act as Catira food though.

Folrart Flying Cavalry
A 1 SP sink, though can do some fun things. Can be Catira food, and is one of the few ranged warriors. Don't pack too many though. He does dodge Shade though.

King of Mankind / Verlaat
A file making use of Elite Dual Wielder instead of Catira would find much more use for Verlaat. Still, his +10 Def open and MaxHP hate healing action can be excellent in some matches. He requires a decent SP sink though, so he limits your ability to spam action skills if you ever actually want to play him.

Pixy Messenger
Has a nice open effect. Maybe one or two may be nice to prevent Rasam souls from doing too much. Also negates the annoying Frog.

Rusted Colossus
A tanky lvl 2 that only takes up one copy. If he rolls long enough before breaking free, he can be a credible threat.


Raises the ATT and AGI of all friendly warriors by +10 and +1 respectively. Sounds good, but she requires an extra investment in the Gowen sphere. If you are going to use her, you may need to adjust some of your soul skills to generate some SP to keep your unit flow going.

Moon Child / Miffyre
I personally don't think there is space for her, but she does block out enemy great spirits and owl sages, as well as provide free SP and gives a field heal and buff. You can't use your own Salamanders though. If you are running mostly Solar kingdom warriors, she may see some use alongside Verlaat.

Lion Adjunct/ Ermitage
One of three lvl 2 Refess support units that work well in the file. She double buffs Toromea's AT by 20, increases maxHP and AGI, or can generate Gowen spheres/SP. Main downside? Her skill is an action skill with 1 Gowen sphere cost.

White Sage/ Kaldrao
Another lvl 2 Refess support. He can generate SP at the cost of a grimbane (though you can combo this with Folrart Scout) and increase maxHP with his auto skill. His main advantage is that his buff is free, and at 1 AGI, it's not likely that his engage will actually have a significant impact.

Ex: Beneficent Priestess
Refess support lvl 2 number 3. She increases DEF of one friendly unit depending on the size of your field and can buff AT as an action skill. Her main advantage is that her defense buff is a start skill. She is also a non-character, and can be double played to great effect. Both Beneficent Priestesses will increase a unit's DEF (even the same one), but only one of them needs to use their action skill for the AT increase. Can give for potentially massive AT boosts quickly.

Holy Commander/Lapierre
A second unit with the same close skill as Justice. Moreover, she's ranged and comes with level and AT buffs! A nice addition if you can find the space. If you find yourself using mostly Folrart Dual-Wielding Soldier, Folrart Swordswoman, and Elite Folrart Dual Wielder, she is definitely worth taking a look at.

lvl 2 Support Comparison
Who to chose?
All three of them have their good points. Kaldrao's maxHP raising will snowball as long as he gets his turn, and can generate SP for more units. Ermitage grants lots of bonuses that can be helpful for offense. Ex Beneficent Priestess gives a free defense boost that can be very helpful, as well as potentially the fastest AT gains for Catira to remove annoying units like Dilate or Sakura that won't give 100 AT with just a magic weapon. All three of them have the same weakness to Falkow's Sweeping Tidal and Faytis, though Ex Beneficent Priestess may be double played (Do watch out for Cyclone though). The choice mostly depends on the units used in the file. A file that makes use of Amazon and Brave strike may see better use with Ermitage, while people who drop Toromea then Blitz Soldier and stick with lvl 1 Gowen will probably want to stick with Kaldrao or Ex Beneficent Priestess.

Toromea files generally don't carry much in terms of grimoires. I would say maybe 3-5. They generally don't come into play until your field has been built and you no longer have any important units to play.

The Fate of Esria
Okay. As you might note, as a lvl 2 unit, Toromea is kinda susceptible to sweeping Tidal and Cyclone. This is where this nifty little grimoire comes in. There are three nice things about it:
1. Temporary Attack Boost with a friendly closed lvl 3 and below unit on the field.
While this effect may not see a huge amount of use, it is notable for being useful for a quick attack boost for Catira to murder an enemy or to crush a high defense unit.
2. Lvl +2
This is the main reason you would probably use it. With +2 level, you can effectively make Toromea immune to both Sweeping Tidal and Return. But wait. Miracle fruit can do the same thing, but with two units! Well, this brings us to point 3.
3. SP +1
Yep. This awesome grimoire refunds your SP. This means that the +2 levels are effectively free if you lose the roll against return or whatnot. Also, when preparing to drop a lvl 4 unit, you can use this grimoire for a free level up, instead of just passing a turn.

Like the Hand of God
A super nuke. Expensive, but sometimes a real life saver.

Instant Revival
Sometimes, I go up against a player that just utterly freaks out when I drop Catira onto the field. Then, poor Catira gets pummeled by multiple Hands of God. She can heal herself, but not against MaxHP hate like that. Instant revival gives those guys a nasty surprise. Don't go overboard with those though.

I dislike having free SP floating around, as that negates Toromea's start skill SP. However, sometimes you just need some 'Inspiration' to drop a lvl 4 unit next turn or something. Bad joke, I know.

Magic Weapon
Odd choice, but that 20 attack can sometimes allow Catira to hit 100 to murder Dandan or something with lower HP. Or give your dual wielders more attack for their double-hits.

Cure Light
It refunds your 1SP cost, so it's basically a free heal. If for some reason you have extra space, it may be worth having to heal Toromea or Justice or someone after getting hit by a 40 damage soul skill.

Brave Strike
For those who invested in three Gowen levels. It's a nice double hitter for 3 SP, and can combo with units like Catira, whose AT comes from a start skill or Ex Mercenary Girl, the disposable warrior.

Miracle Fruit
The infamous return counter that seems to work whenever it snows in hell. As the file already has Gowen levels, it's only a 1SP sink instead of 2. Still, I personally prefer Fate of Esria over Miracle Fruit for return counter, as it is a bit more versatile. The grimoire is worth considering for those running with a Rapidly Flying Apprentice soul.

Flames of Judgment
A super nuke. It's a large SP investment though, but may see some use for endgame.

Soul Skills:
Toromea files generally go with a rush file lineup. Namely, 1-1-1-1-3 for LP.

1 LP Souls:

Cait Sith
Cait Sith can bring back 4 Refess units from the cemetary. He's a nice choice for a third soul skill, as he can give you back copies of Toromea, Justice, and all your other units.

Frost Sorceress / Rasam
Rasam is a decent soul for second, third or fourth slots. She allows for you to engage high-risk enemies and to build up your field a bit. I personally don't like using her in an aggressive file like Toromea, but some people swear by her.

Holy Realm Knight / Sergis
The classic anti-rush soul. Can't really go wrong with him in any rush file really. He can go just about anywhere except fifth.

Reborn Magic Doll / Astaforse
50 Damage to 2 enemies for 1 SP. A decent soul that has a bit more power than Sergis, but at the cost of 1 SP. Still a great soul for those slightly beefier rushes though.

Talisman Mystic
Usually, a sphere-specific hate soul doesn't work so well. However, Toromea files can power through just about anything. Except Falkow returns and Agi manipulation. Therefore, the Talisman Mystic soul covers up the biggest weakness of Toromea files.

Crest Saboteur Knight
60 damage to a random enemy, with Gafc effect if the enemy's HP is -20 or below. Useful, as sometimes that 60 damage can really help. The -1 SP at next turn for your opponent is a bonus. It is random enemy though.

Roaming Predator / Asuet and Mage Paladin / Distrier
I personally don't think Toromea files are lacking in SP, but eh. Your call. Best for those running with 3 Gowen for Amazon or Brave Strike.

Dragon Path King / Gafc
40 damage, disrupt your opponent's SP. Not a bad skill. Use it if you like. Most effective as first or second soul skill.

Pixy Greatswordswoman
A possible choice to take advantage of Toromea's 50 AT. Do note that after her nerf, she will engage Toromea, so you will have one turn without Toromea's buff. However, 50 damage to three enemies is quite powerful. The soul can be dodged though.

Rapidly Flying Apprentice
For people who need some removal to deal with Dilate or Emana or some hyper-buffed undead. Recommended to have Miracle Fruit. Not a common choice at all, but a return soul in an aggro file may be unexpected enough to unbalance your opponent.

Feline Kin Kenshi / Litho
5 Damage more than the 40 damage souls, but also gives one of your units a 10 AT buff for 20 HP. Not bad, and can be used to trigger Elite-Dual Wielder's counter skill.

Ruin Explorer / Russell, Bounty Hunter / Elena, Strike Samurai / Thunderbolt
Generic 40 damage to two enemies. Can sometimes be better than Sergis, can sometimes be worse. Not a bad soul skill to use against rushes though.

Esria & Astaforse
40 damage to two disengaged enemies, buff one friendly unit for 20 AT. Only downside is the disengaged clause, but it comes with a nice 20 AT buff. It's generally quite reliable though.

The Nullifier/Vol Agni
In the era of multisphere, Vol Agni can be very effective.

2 LP Soul Skills:
For people who like having more LP for padding, just about anything that deals damage is good. Do note that there aren't many situations where you'll find yourself holding a well of spare SP though, so Mitzett and Dub Rio actually may not be great choices.

3 LP Anchors:
There really aren't many souls that are bad here. Just not Wounding Sword, Gaia Gem Monk, or Nue and you should be fine. Some common ones may be Zangdylan, Ex Diosaur, or some buffer like Hellsmoke or Alraune.

Some Matchups:

Shrine Knights
Not many files have enough speed to keep up with Refess Warriors. Shrine Knights can match the file in speed, and then some. Rush out a multi-hitter as quickly as possible. Something like Flame Swordsman-Toromea-Blitz Soldier-Dual-Wielder or Flame Swordsman-Toromea-Salamander-Dual-Wielder can work nicely. Folrart Dual-Wielding Soldier is an excellent unit in this matchup due to her ability to multi-hit enemies while ignoring range. That means she can snipe down Elaice and Shrine Knight Zero. Don't let them snowball too much.

Wizard Kingdom
Another potentially fast tribe. This time, Falkow. The match is in favor of Wizard Kingdom. With AGI manipulation units like Elite Fencer and Mage Knight of Regus, Wizard Kingdom can be a pain to deal with. Coupled with the fact that they naturally have returns, they are extremely irritating. An Elite Dual Wielder file would fare better than a Catira Justice file, as it is less reliant on characters. Save Hand of God for Volfied (or endgame), make sure you can keep field presence after taking a return to the face, and keep pressure on Owl Sages. Refraining from playing Toromea turn 2 can also be helpful. Talisman Mystic soul can heavily lilt the field for you though. Do watch out for your hanging SP, as enemy Violet souls can take it away. With Set 12, Wizard Kingdom got some new tech units. Flying Girl isn't quite as bad for Refess Warriors, as the main attackers will ignore range, but you will be forced to either forfeit a turn or keep spamming action skills. With Eagle Soldier and Ariete, now Wizard Kingdom can snowball enough AGI to outspeed Toto and friends. However, it does take time for the AGI to build. Do not let them keep any sort of decent field presence. Murderize them!

Carbuncles are the ultimate anti-aggro file. They are tough as balls, fast as balls, and will kick your balls with AT debuffs. Moreover, they have full heals and AGI manipulation with Violet General. Folrart Swordsmwoman will be your greatest ally here. Rush her out, and try to use Kaldrao's action skill to keep up the unit rush. Avoid leaving Carbuncles in critical health, or else Violet General will backhand you, along with healing any damaged buncles. Keep units flowing, and don't always attack unless you are sure you can finish off a buncle before Violet moves.

Wild Dogs
Another fast file. With heavy damage of 50+ coming from autoskills and start skills that ignore range, those puppies can snipe you while hiding behind Hellsmoke or some other irritating tank. Fierce is also a unit capable of one-shotting Catira permanently. Stick to anti-rush tactics. Use Dual-Wielding Soldier for sniping backline puppies and smash through the front line tanks. Take advantage of the fact that the standard Refess warriors open is quite shade proof for the first few turns. With any luck, the opponent may waste 2 Shades with no effect.

Eternal Night:
Fierte can really disrupt you. However, you can probably brute force through them lycans with some luck and skill. Folrart Dual-Wielding Soldier will be key for taking out multiple units and sniping any back-line Riza and Eskatia. Blitz soldier is very helpful here, as he is beefy enough to take a smack from Fenrir and receives the Cemetery rats buff. Your lvl 4 units won't see much play here, unless it's lvl 3 Lycans.

Once again, Fierte can cause major disruptions. Blitz soldier is very helpful here too. Just keep your unit flow up to keep pace with the pixies. Spam multi-hitting action skills for crowd control. Pixies are a test of how balanced your file composition is for handling many targets and single targets like Torte.

Mid Red
If you have Catira out, your opponent basically can't play his high HP units like Volcano Wyvern and Giant Arthropleurid. Even Bringer and Dan Dan are in danger. Otherwise, Elite Dual Wielder can bum rush the enemy for kills. The main probable threat is Dilate. Take advantage of your 5 AGI v. his 4 AGI and kill him twice before he can move.

The returns are irritating. However, drop Toromea, level her up with Fate of Esria, then drop a lvl 4 unit. Both Elite Dual Wielder and Catira will have sufficient attack and AGI to kill Urgrant before he can move. If you are a gambler, Toromea can also one-shot Urgrant. Watch out for Death Makers and Merciless death though. Not the worst match-up all in all. Belus is annoying though. Make sure to have a large enough field by the time he drops so that you can prevent key units from being engaged. Getting Toromea engaged after her start skill is a fun way for 2 SP. Some people pack Elite Fencer of Regus, which makes this match a lot more difficult. Take care of her with souls and keep the pressure on Urgrant.

Star Dragon
Catira that turd. Otherwise, charge it with Elite Dual Wielder. Catira makes the matchup a joke in favor of Toromea, but Toromea files still can brute force through. Be careful of Burning Sun and Hand of God though.

Grim Count
Same deal as Urgrant, but now no worries about Deathmaker and whatnot. Mirelia suffers from the same 50 HP as Urgrant. Crush her cuteness with power! Watch out for Elite Fencer of Regus, and try not to let Ascarat do much.

BKR/Jack (No Set 10)
Can be difficult, but just brute force though, like always. This match can go either way though, since BKR/Jack isn't lacking in brute force either. However, Rivera's start skill can help your unit rushing by letting you generate 2 SP a turn. Level up Toromea once you need her brute force more than the SP.

Dilate/ Dilate Control
Toromea does better against him than most. With 5 AGI, both Catira and Elite Dual Wielder can charge him, while Toromea finishes him. All before he can move. How the match goes depends on his buddies. Bringer? You can deal with him. Ruuca and Emana? ...Not so much. Anttila is a high priority target. Salamanders can help against both her and Diondora. The enemy may have Salamanders as well though. Keep the pressure on your opponent's SP by preventing generation. The file is very SP intensive.

Emana and Mystere
Toromea does very badly against this. I'd say that you only have two real hopes of winning:
1. A Talisman Mystic Soul Skill
2. A very bad player for an opponent.
Emana negates the huge amounts of speed Toromea files have, while Mystere and Ex Mystere return and kill your units. Not a favorable match up at all. What you can do is use Salamanders to snipe down owl sages to prevent SP generation and drop lvl 3 units that can't be tidaled to melee the enemy before they can set up too much.

Diondora Control
Once again? Badly. A single Talisman Mystic soul can turn this into a joke though. Salamander the Owl Sages, spam lvl 3 units. Similar strategy, except may be a bit easier due to the suicidal frog v. the beefy sea cow (Emana).

Diomana Control
Bleh. Similar strategy to Diondora control, actually. Justice and Dual-Wielding soldier are your main units. Toromea will probably just get returned or killed upon dropping, so keep her in reserve. Salamander pressure on the owl sages. Ashbars is actually a valid unit to use earlier, as he provides a target for Diondora to return before his close starts draining SP. Stick to units that can survive their own attack turned against them. Try to time Salamander deaths for soul skills. They actually get killed.

Sea Serpent
I think you can guess. Like all Falkow, Toromea does poorly fighting this. Talisman Mystic can save the day though. However, as a mid file, they have enough SP to make some recovery. Set up your field quickly. Control of the field is vital. Make sure you can take a Rasam soul to the face and still retain field control. Don't be too obvious with resurrecting units. If a lvl 4 Toromea just died, some players will Tidal under the assumption you will revive her. Spit on that assumption.

Tormea actually can brute force through undeads. No returns, maxHP hate or anything. Just pure brute force. How the match goes depends on the skill of the players. This match up is the meeting of an unstoppable force and an unmovable object. Kinda.

Magic Dolls (Non-Command)
Rush v. Rush, Toromea files are fast enough and deal enough damage to overpower dolls, even when buffed up by Sumer. A favorable match up, but your opponent's skill plays a large role as well.

Command Dolls
These match ups depend on player skill. Command dolls are incredibly hard to kill if they get on the field together. Moreover, they can deal large, pinpointed, and multi-target damage. This is a speed game. Your goal is to kill off at least one of the pivot command dolls (Violet or White Lily) before they snowball too much in power. Good tactics against command dolls include keeping enemy shades alive to prevent them from reaching soul skills and breaking the enemy front line as quickly as possible. Still, Folrart Swordswoman can snipe down non-White Lily Commander dollies with her action skill.

Mid Blue
Depends on the units. Levi? Not much of a problem. Giant Squid? Charge! The problem units are Lightning Wyvern, whose open can one-shot most of your units, Blade Wyvern, who steals AGI and shuffles your field with double attacks, and Mildoreo, who turns your own AGI against you. Giant manta ray may or may not be too bad. Catira has a problem with him, but Elite Dual Wielder just smashes it.

Mage Soldiers
Arg. These guys are a pain to deal with. Depending on the opponent, they usually get out Ryu by turn 3 or 4. With 4 AGI and a double hitting normal attack that debuffs, he is a real pain to deal with. He also has the ability to grimbane with a grimcount of at least 1. In Falkow, that's not that hard to do. Then comes Balmoa, who makes Ryu and other Mage Soldiers attack immune. To top it all off, the most common mage knights are Agi 4, with Balmoa at 5. A really troublesome opponent to deal with, especially with having to deal with returns. The general strategy is to murderize Ryu quickly. Balmoa usually hides in the second line and has 50 HP, meaning Dual-Wielding Soldier can't one-shot snipe him with only Toromea's AT buff. Ryu is a beefy damage dealer that can cause some serious trouble, but he is accessible in the front line. He is easier to deal with using Elite Dual Wielder rather than Catira. If you run with Catira instead of Elite Dual Wielder, Justice will have to take to the front lines and play double nuker. Watch out for Ebreenu, as her level-down open skill can make your lvl 4 units susceptible to Sweeping Tidal.
-If the opponent is trying to use the Antilla-Ryu SP gen loop, rush out a Dual-Wielding Soldier and play sniper.

Rush them. Build a field quickly, being mindful of returns. Since you generally don't have that much SP hanging around, the Reia shouldn't be stealing huge amounts of SP. They are pretty beefy in general, but they have a pretty focused field, so your lvl 4 units should take the stage. Don't let Reia whip her buddies too often, or you may find them outpacing you in agility. As far as Falkow match ups go, Pirates are easier to fight than mid blue or Wizard Kingdom.

They have the ability to really disrupt your field building with Magic Doll -Augment- and Overdose, but for the most part, their units are slow and can be overrun without too much trouble.

Mid Refess Solar Kingdom
You do not want your opponent to build a field. Pump out a unit every turn, and strive for an enemy field wipe every turn. Do make sure to wiggle in your lvl 4 quickly in order to deal with Guardian, but keep the pressure on. If your opponent manages to build a half decent field, Verlaat drops and suddenly your fight a lot harder. It's not game over, as you can try to brute force through with Justice and Elite Dual Wielder, but the defense of the enemy field makes Catira a bit less effective. Verlaat's maxHP hate action skill can also cause trouble for Catira. If your opponent also has Priests of Royal Guard, Judie can easily have 50+ AT, which can decimate your field. They key is to take control early game.

Chaos Annarose
You are playing a high-damage rush. You should not have significant difficulty dealing with Annarose. Just watch out for Deathmaker and Merciless Death.

Be wary of open skills, don't kill that T1 shade if they drop Crest Spy T2. Not too bad, as most of your units should be fast and beefy enough to race those assassins.

Right. Using magic weapon to get enough AT for Folrart Dual-Wielding Soldier to one-shot Grebados is a valid tactic. Orks are beefy, hit hard, and can hit AGI 4 with Ork Commander. Don't let them snowball, and avoid letting Grebados get his action skill off with dead orks, and you should be okay.

True God Church
Messala-Gravan can be downright annoying to deal with. Folrart Swordswoman can help greatly in taking down the Iron Gravan Wall. If the priests snowball to too much HP, you will probably want Catira to hit the field. Watch out for MaxHP hate though. The priests pack a lot of that.

Ellie/Zu Jyuva
Try to get Catira out, try to survive... and good luck.

https://alteil-login.gamepotusa.com/aud ... b4cbeb54c7
A nice match of Toromea v. Undeads. Just pure brute force overwhelming the staying power of undeads.

https://alteil-login.gamepotusa.com/aud ... cb58b20bcc
Justice v. Diomana Control. Admittedly, the opponent wasn't the best and made some questionable moves, but it illustrates the strategy of Salamander pressure on Owl Sages and generic lvl 3 units. Got lucky with some AGI rolls. Also shows how hard Falkow can be to fight against.

https://alteil-login.gamepotusa.com/aud ... a9a9a2fa6a
Justice v. Diondora Control. The opponent was better this time, and the luck was much more balanced. SP pressure is key to Falkow match-ups. to prevent return spam.

End Comments:
Well, I wrote this guide in about 1-1.5 hours. It was originally posted on the Yuni City Duelists forum for preliminary proofreading, then I decided to move it here for more opinions. I know there is a lot of stuff that I forgot to cover, but I'm sleepy now. Just drop some comments and whatnot please.

-Capt'n Kiki~
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Re: I Wrote a Guide! -Refess Warriors

Postby Callonia » Wed May 02, 2012 3:57 am

ok, i'll give toromea a shot later or sooner. Too busy with essasies atm.
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Re: I Wrote a Guide! -Refess Warriors

Postby GonFreeces31 » Fri May 04, 2012 11:07 am

It's nice to see some new people do guides :)
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Re: I Wrote a Guide! -Refess Warriors

Postby Shirozaki » Fri May 04, 2012 11:22 am

Nice you took my Refugee advice.

It might be worth noting that she works splendidly mid game, if your justice dies, after your Cait sith has triggered. Of course grim baning at this point is almost useless, but from Icy I know that it can save you from some fire arrows at times.
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Re: I Wrote a Guide! -Refess Warriors

Postby fargone » Fri May 04, 2012 1:58 pm

Any file that uses toromea should consider splashing ermitage IMO. She is one very underestimated support unit.
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fargone wrote:I realise this is completely off topic, but Icy deserves the limelight more than others. Some of whom dominate the forums with their endless posts.

What, I make legit points too...
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Re: I Wrote a Guide! -Refess Warriors

Postby Shirozaki » Fri May 04, 2012 2:06 pm

Hm, I could've sworn she was included when I saw it the first time on google doc, but you're right. Ermitage is such a nice card, I even coaxed rom into using her with Toro.
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Romdeau wrote:I don't have much else to say to you other than you live in your own world if you believe I have active enemies around Alteil besides from Demongod.
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Re: I Wrote a Guide! -Refess Warriors

Postby Khiruki » Sun May 06, 2012 1:24 am

Added lvl 2 support cards. Added a few match ups (Shrine Knights, Wizard Kingdom, Carbuncles, Wild Dogs). Added a couple more souls and units.
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Re: I Wrote a Guide! -Refess Warriors

Postby idol » Wed May 09, 2012 2:22 pm

Don't play refess nor warriors but thx for the time spent on the detailed guide
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Re: I Wrote a Guide! -Refess Warriors

Postby AquasFire2 » Wed May 09, 2012 8:45 pm

Nice guide interesting read
I have a question what would happen if you used rasfel and toro :O???
Would it work just thought i would post this here.
Seems like an interesting idea to me if worth pulling off
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Re: I Wrote a Guide! -Refess Warriors

Postby AquasFire2 » Wed May 09, 2012 8:45 pm

sorry message got duplicated somehow
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