Newbie, please help...

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Newbie, please help...

Postby Gares9 » Wed Jul 09, 2014 8:00 pm

I don't know how this will be perceived, but this is not a complaint.

I'm new to the game and I really want to like it and be an active player. I'm sure this has been posted many times, but like I said, I'm new here. I'm level one and lost all three games I've played cause they were all to level 63-468 players. I would play the 1-14 area, but in my two days of playing I have not found one person in there.

I really want to like this game...any tips to getting money...other than play level 468 players and lose?

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Re: Newbie, please help...

Postby Ary » Wed Jul 09, 2014 9:29 pm

Hi. I am a newbie as well.
Try to go to the Iczer tab and then click chat. (the jabber chat, not the chat in flash)
Also try to read the forum (I am still clueless about things people wrote in forum. newbie guide or not.)
Try to save gran to buy a pre-build. (I brought the ork pre-built. People say it is a good deck... but I still lose all of the time. 35 win 150 lost.)
Don't recycle things unless you get 3 copies. (I still don't know what cards I need or don't need)
May be buying grans will help you.

Join torunaments to get point cards. Enough Point cards = you get any card that you want. (... i have 89 point cards now. not sure what cards to get.)

I heard that gowen rush is the cheapest deck to make (but i don't know how to make one that can compete with other deck at this moment)
People say gowen rush is boring.

I think the most difficult thing is:
1. no newbie like you and I
2. So, we have to learn a lot to catch up
3. Either others, or us, have no time to teach/learn all of the combos quick enough. (I guess we have to learn to beat most of the common decks too.)
4. Since there are so few people playing now, the match are seperated by levels, not by win/lose ratio.
5. And, we get a level when someone quit a game and let us win, although we lose really a lot.

what to do if we don't get the card that the forum thread talk about? hmm... may be you can figure that out.

which means... I hope we can make a wiki about the combos, or the things we learn.
I would never expect people to share their best combo or trade secrets though. But... every bit will help.

The wiki at wikia doesn't talk about combos, and strategy.
Most people will ask you to watch video or read the forum...

I am not sure if things will change after horizon starts.
I hope so. May be a ton of new people will come in the first week.
I also heard that they are going to put less cards in the new game at the beginning.

At least watching others play this game is enjoyable.
The cards looks nice, and most players play well. ;th2
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Re: Newbie, please help...

Postby gabotheplaya » Wed Jul 09, 2014 9:34 pm

you in the wrong thread yo...

has all you'll need.


or just hop into jabbr chat and because much lols. :3
> its the "chat" button on the left side of the "my iczer" tab when you log into the game. :D

for everything else... there's Mastercard... literally. lol
the undisputed tier list of buying:
1 Pre-builts on sale (orks is on a mini-sale)
2 faction packs
3 pre-builts not on sale
4 EX packs (1,200 gran nets you 5 playsets, 2 of which are EX which are uber hard to get and are often good to build around)
5 rarity up lotto confirmed by community to be "worth it" (like the old easter lotto, other rarity up lottos sometimes are still bad)
6 gold box
7 gold packs
8 regular boxes = regular packs
9 lotto = daily lotto

EX lotto depends if you really need single copies of good ex often for SS (notable mentions: chiruru, cudgel, ex girl merc, rogurest, bulerigid, gafc, ex brahma), much more worth it if you can affort to spend quite a bit, but low priority until you build a good card pool.

Seasonal or limited sphere lotto/packs are better for soft-pinpointing of cards if you know what you want to play already and want to complete some playsets. not recommended since it is generally more expensive. not ranked since its value increases the more your card pool fills up.

save your point cards.

Join events.

Cheese to win is legit. :3
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Re: Newbie, please help...

Postby Anima13 » Thu Jul 10, 2014 1:45 pm

Surely the situation of the newbies in the game is currently not the best. Yet dont let yourself caught in the typical conclusion my cards are bad, I need better cards, as its often not just this simple ( we make this mistake sometimes too/ troll around for fun).
We have currently really good starter decks which can put up a decent fight against many opponents (and after lvl10 you have all 4). So while collecting cards is surely an important aim, so should be your process of learning the game and getting better too. Because you can win with starterdecks, even if its hard at the begining you can do it. Dont give up, try your best and try to analyse your games. Watch other games in folrart and look out in the forum for posted files and strategy discussions. Try to take a special look on file design, as that is the most common place one can do mistakes (souls not fitting concept of deck, missing sacrificals, units not supporting each other).
And if nothing helps visit us in chat (note: the new chat) and rant about everything being op, it helps your nerves and maybe we can help you too (ranting.. no I mean with your file).

Also gabos last words very important :D:
gabotheplaya wrote:Cheese to win is legit. :3
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Re: Newbie, please help...

Postby Callonia » Fri Jul 11, 2014 3:52 am

I went through the same situation like you when I was a newb too although I had one benefit of playing in populated crest arena til I hit lvl 15 and I fought lvl 100+s people like worthing and beat them.

The fact that I would jump up through lots of levels to reach that next 10+ required lvl for a 4* and 5* was what made me motivated to stab worthings even when I was inexperienced.

And nah u don't need 3x copies all the time. It just depends on what kind of deck you running. Some requires 3x, other requires 1x.

Cuz u see back then I skated on by to my wins with sergis as my only copy.. and as a tank on front row lol. I just uh made sure he didn't die. Because everything else I had sucked as tank. I ain't plopping down a fragile 35 hp lapierre on front row. But I also had another benefit of gowen being op flavour of the month at that time.. I think currently falkow is popular but again I always get matched against falkow abusers err players everytime I attempt to play in folrart arena so I decided to take a break until whenever the new altiel is finished so i can play against other spheres for once instead of falkow all the time especially after gmb got killed off and I can't run dragon crisis to force falkow abusers err players back into hiding again so i can face other spheres. They're also the type of guys who runs 3x ex gafc ss and 3x rasam ss or worse 4x sins. :lol: Although legyre can troll 4x sin files easily. I like legyre. :lol: He is only falkow that I like for some weird reason and I hate playing bigs.

But the fact is atm is probably too hard, and like other saids, make use of the chat feature. That way you can get some practice in in preparation for new and improved altiel. I think its pretty cool that alteil stays open cuz that way I can watch my replays whenever i get bored.
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Re: Newbie, please help...

Postby CallMeWBC » Tue Jul 15, 2014 2:21 am

gabotheplaya wrote:you in the wrong thread yo...

Please explain. Lapierre Sensei's Classroom is for game FAQ which stands for frequently asked questions and also as the beginner's corner.
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Re: Newbie, please help...

Postby gabotheplaya » Tue Jul 15, 2014 10:20 am

Gares9 wrote:any tips to getting money...other than play level 468 players and lose?

linked to annarose sanctum to stop losing. losing regularly means 10 gran a week. winning means more gran in a week.

idk if weekly gran is still a thing though. haven't checked.
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Re: Newbie, please help...

Postby Romdeau » Tue Jul 15, 2014 6:13 pm

gabotheplaya wrote:
Gares9 wrote:any tips to getting money...other than play level 468 players and lose?

linked to annarose sanctum to stop losing. losing regularly means 10 gran a week. winning means more gran in a week.

idk if weekly gran is still a thing though. haven't checked.

It is. I just stopped posting the rankings, but weekly ranking gran is still being given out.
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