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Hand Turkey Forever

Postby Logress » Sun Nov 10, 2013 1:56 am

Well, I realize Thanksgiving only two weeks away, but I just can't bring myself not to do the one event we've run sucessfully every year. And to be honest, it really only takes like 10 min to an hour of your time to participate depending on how crazy you want to get.

That's right, it's time for the ANNUAL ALTEIL HAND TURKEY CONTEST.

Here's our hand turkey spiel --

in the US, we celebrate Thanksgiving, and when we're in grammer school or preschool or something, the teachers give us activities related to holidays to keep us busy. So they tell us to take a big sheet of construction paper, slap down our hands, and trace them. Then, using that tracing as a base, we draw and decorate a turkey. Ingenious! Now, I'm sure a youth of hand turkeys will give American Iczers a staggering edge in this contest, but maybe not. It's a chance we'll all have to take.

The contest is simple. Take your hand, place it on a flat surface, and trace. You'll need to convert these to digital format if you traced them on paper though, no mail in submissions. A scanner perhaps. We like taking a clean hand and pressing it up against our monitor and using the mouse to outline it. Gives a 'kid drew it with crayon' feel. You can dress your Turkeys up any which way you like, that's where the creativity comes in.

Submit all hand turkeys NO LATER THAN NOVEMBER 23RD. No profanity or adult images, copyrighted material, or official Alteil art is permitted. Drawing your own version of anything copyrighted IS COVERED under right of parody and is acceptable. YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR ICZER NAME IN YOUR FILE NAME!!!!!!!!!

Send your turkey to:



-Grand Prize gets 30 Point cards and 2000 Gran

-3 Runners up will get 20 point cards and 500 Gran

-All those who enter get 10 Point Cards

Here are some previous year's winners here and also here.

http://www.alteil.com/index.php/compone ... y-winners-

http://www.alteil.com/index.php/hand-tu ... n-art/2010
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