EX 12: Luminaries Reborn

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Re: EX 12: Luminaries Reborn

Postby Aoi » Sat Apr 20, 2013 9:41 pm

I thought it said in her skill that she couldn't even retrieve herself, even if you wanted to.
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Re: EX 12: Luminaries Reborn

Postby angelspawns » Sat Apr 20, 2013 10:03 pm

It's quite funny to see Alraune summoned in front row. It's entertaining to see Natasha do her trick, but maybe summoning immobile units to random spots wasn't the best of ideas..? xD
But that's just the least of her worries. She's a Lvl4 with Lvl2 stats. At most lvl3 if you count MHP=50%Atk. Those missing statpoints really hurt her playability. 40MHP makes her fragile to SS's, and Agi3 puts her through quite some agirolls.

If you want to depend on her better it basically says you don't get to summon. Raising MHP gets in her way with summoning. (funny how she does 50%MHP dmg btw) SP drain stops her from summoning. Then when you actually want to stop her yourself, you can raise Lawt lvl. Lawtia lvl that can be drained by killing her 40HP during the openphase. At that point you're pretty much fed up with her whole design.

Whatever fear is behind these self-induldging limitations it makes for one hell of a niche unit to use. I could start with suggestions how to improve her, but i don't think her crappy design is a coincidence. Everything on her screams it's not really supposed to work that well.
I did get her going a few times though and it was fun. That's what makes it such a pitty...
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Re: EX 12: Luminaries Reborn

Postby dfmchfhf » Mon Apr 22, 2013 7:20 pm

Because Logress left this hanging... >.>
sgtsagara wrote:Question: What is the "API"?

API = Application Programming Interface -- it's a way for external applications to communicate with the game.

Logress wrote:Ironically, while the shop items and cards themselves can be put on a timer (although flash processs have to be reloaded to insure it works right) to appear, putting something into the card list on our site is manual so it will take me a minute to get where I can do that. However, they are accessable through the API, so that very awesome alternate card list made with it that was floating around chat yesterday should be able to see them.

For the curious, http://dfmchfhf.webuda.com/Alteil/card-list.php and http://dfmchfhf.webuda.com/Alteil/card-list-via-api.php. The first is updated and checked manually, the second gets data directly from the API at api.apocoplay.com (prototype... I'll make searching and stuff later). webuda is an unstable host though so I might have to find another >.>
(@Logress/@MysteryMan On a side note, the API seems to be missing stuff -- I'll bugreport stuff eventually.)
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